An ink drawing made on several sheets of cobweb paper, superimposed on each other. The subject is a naked woman's body, with skin resembling the bark of a tree and green leaves growing on it. Above the woman are five red birds.

Red Birds on Green Tree – Works from the International Collection of the Sara Hildén Foundation

Works from the Sara Hildén Foundation’s International Collection

A close-up of an oil painting with shades of maroon, orange, red and white in thick layers of paint and applied with a large brush. The whole gives the impression of flowers against a dark background.

Heikki Marila Upcoming

"Beauty has been central to me in making a picture. I build the image in the direction, consciously or unconsciously, which is the prevailing (western) concept of beauty. The charm and seductiveness are so striking that a person stops to look. Beauty plays an important role in all of this. There must be a manifestation of beauty in the picture."