Art in space, space in art

The Sara Hildén Art Museum’s summer exhibition explores space in art and art in space. The exhibition is based on the collection of the Sara Hildén Foundation and reflects on the relationship between man, art and space.

Throughout the ages, artists have dealt with topics and questions related to space, spatiality, architecture, the built milieu and structures in their works. In the summer exhibition, the subject is discussed especially from the perspective of the Sara Hildén Foundation’s art collection. Through the works, we look at what forms, interpretations and comments the subject has received in the works of the collection. Included are, among others, Antti Oikarinen, Silja Rantanen, Nina Roos, Jussi Niva and Pentti Lumikangas, each of whom has a large collection of works. The exhibition also includes works by Lucio Fontana, Otto Boll and Victor Vasarely, as well as a selection from the Sara Hildén Foundation’s extensive collection of kinetic art.

The works in the collection are complemented by the artworks being prepared for the exhibition, which the museum has invited the visual artist Antti Oikarinen and the artists Tommi Grönlundin and Petteri Nisunen to realize.

The exhibition Art in space, space in art continues the museum’s series of themed collection exhibitions. The exhibition was inspired by the new museum building of the Sara Hildén Art Museum, which is planned to be completed in the Finlayson area in stages of 2027. The new museum building would have facilities not only for changing exhibitions but also for presenting the art collection.

Silja Rantanen: Impression of Interrelations from a Certain Distance, 1991. Oil on canvas, 220 x 330 cm. Sara Hildén Foundation
Jussi Koivunen.